Sunday, February 9, 2014

You are a god – live like one! (T.Leary)

Naomi says, "Why would anyone live in the U.S. when they 
can live here?"

earlier today...
last night...

This past week Naomi and I got into a routine. She gets picked up down the dirt road in the morning by a tuk-tuk ((looks like a 3-wheeled golf cart, her school is about 2 miles away). 
Road from our house.

 I have mornings to get some work done, then I walk 
to my Spanish class. 
Carmalina, mi maestra.
Hey, if you want to feel stupid, take a one-on-one language class for 4 hours a day! But I did manage to speak a complete sentence to someone recently, so I must have learned something!!

On my way to school.
Dog day afternoon.

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  1. Naomi's got a point. Greetings from Oaxaca!

    Congratulations on your first, I assume -- grammatically correct -- Spanish sentence. May you utter/mumble many more.