Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spring in New York

I'd like to finish posting pics of my trip to the Amazon so I can (perhaps) utilize this site for additional purposes. Thus, another push with (hopefully) the last (almost) set of photos. Enjoy!

We hung our hammocks in and outside the Forest Family House.

Learning to make baskets out of Palm tree fibers we collected in the jungle.

This is where the women washed clothes. We used this dock to "swim" from. I put that in quotations because we weren't really allowed to swim, it was considered too dangerous to go more than a few yards from the shore.

This was the main dock we got to jump in the water from. It's getting dark now.

The computer lab where I spent a lot of my time writing manuals for open source software on an open source operating system, in Portuguese, which I don't speak!