Saturday, February 1, 2014

Montezuma's Revenge

Photo by Joel Gill 2014
The photo above, courtesy of Geology for Global Development, was taken at San Pablo La Laguna, a small town across the lake from where I'm living. This mural shows the local opposition to mining activities, an issue that was so beautifully documented by filmmakers Frauke Sandig and Eric Black in their film, Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth, which I saw last fall at the Margaret Mead Film Festival. It was a very powerful film about (among other things) the Canadian mining companies that are destroying the Mayan land and people who depend on it. Here's a quote from the film's website:

"It is quite possible our great corporations will succeed in finishing Nature off …
and expel the Indigenous from their lands. On the other hand, resistance is growing. 
Many young Maya say the world will not go under. It will start anew, 
but we all have to fight for it, here and now."

Yesterday, the U.S. State Department released its "final report" on the environmental impact of the Keystone XL pipeline, which the mainstream media say "paves the way" for Obama to approve it. It is no surprise that "the report was written by a deeply compromised contractor who was practically handpicked by TransCanada and the American Petroleum Institute." (Credo Action)

I briefly saw (perhaps in a preview for a documentary) the damage the Keystone XL pipeline has already done in Canada. It was horrific! This pipeline is one of the most evil ventures with the potential to hurt many people!

OK, now back to our regularly scheduled program. Below are some pics that I took before being laid up in bed for a few days with "Montezuma's Revenge." We must all suffer the wrath resulting from white imperialism at some point in our search for truth and happiness. (remember, click on the photos to get a larger view).


  1. Julie, I'm so excited to follow your and Naomi's incredible adventure and so interested to learn more about what's going on in Guatemala. Are you feeling better? Was it that delicious looking street food? Hope not! xxMB

  2. Thanks Margaret! The best thing about being sick is getting better! Life is sweet...I'll write you soon!